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Nootropics Resource: Nootropics Resource is dedicated to being a trustworthy, easy to understand, science-backed source of information for nootropics consumers on the internet.

nootropics | no·o·tro·pics | nō-ə-ˈtrō-piks: substances that enhance mental cognition and learning

resource | re·source | rē-sȯrs: a source of information or expertise


Forrest Przybysz

Much of the content and firsthand nootropic reviews on Nootropics Resource are written by Forrest. Forrest brings a methodical approach to his research, analysis, and reviews of nootropic supplements that creates a consistent benchmark for comparison across products and substances.

Forrest was a high caliber student-athlete in college who ranked as highly as 12th in the US for NCAA Division I Wrestling. He is a multi-time NCAA Academic All-American, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. His work background is predominantly in pharmaceutical sourcing, purchasing, and pricing, which gives him a leveraged perspective when it comes to comparing and reviewing nootropic supplements.

His background as an athlete in the sport of wrestling has granted a disciplined skill set for maintaining consistent diet and exercise routines while conducting firsthand tests using nootropic supplements. This allows for far more accurate experiential insights into the benefits and side effects of nootropic substances that other reviews lack.