MUD\WTR Review: Quitting Coffee for 30 Days to Test MUD\WTR

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Pros ūüĎć

+ Increased Focus, Energy, and Concentration

+ Tastes Great With Butter and Honey

+ Very Fairly Priced

+ Replaces Coffee

+ Excellent Ingredient Quality and Profile

+ Comes with free mixer/frother


‚ÄstNot available on Amazon

‚ÄstMust sign up for a subscription (but you can cancel immediately if you want to try your first order first)

‚ÄstProprietary Blend

What is MUD\WTR?

MUD\WTR is a coffee alternative made from the following 9 ingredients: Cacao, Masala Chai, Turmeric, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi, Lions Mane. It’s a mixable powder that comes in a black canister and is prepared by simply stirring a tablespoon of the powder into a cup of hot water. I tried MUD\WTR for a full 30 days, and this is my review of the product.

Why Did I Buy MUD\WTR?

Because I was sick of being dependent on coffee and MUD\WTR‘s marketing was spot-on in terms of what I was looking for. When I was addicted to coffee the first hour or two of each day was a non-productive groggy haze and I found myself starting my day in a bad mood as a result of it. I had trouble waking up even if I got plenty of sleep and on the occasion I did try to sleep in, I was awoken by a brutal migraine that was my brain begging for caffeine. You’re probably thinking I must have been pounding 6 or 7 cups a day to have problems like that. Nope, just 2 cups on most days and a 3rd when I felt especially tired.

MUD\WTR Ingredient Profile Breakdown 

Cacao – Cacao powder comes from the unprocessed beans from the cacao tree from which chocolate is made. It has been studied for it’s properties that increase blood flow which may provide cardiovascular and cognitive benefits [1]

Masala Chai – Masala Chai is a blend of black tea and a variety of spices ( black tea, cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper). Basically this stuff is really healthy for you and potential benefits include: improved immunity, digestion, energy, metabolism, as well as reducing inflammation and a myriad of other benefits that are too many to list. [2]

Turmeric – Turmeric is a flowering plant often used in cooking, but is also really good stuff when it comes to nootropic use. It contains curcumin, which is a powerful and proven anti-inflammatory. It’s bio-availability is low, and the body has trouble absorbing it when it isn’t accompanied by piperine, a compound found in black pepper. Fortunately, there’s black pepper in the Masala Chai that is in MUD\WTR. [3]¬†

Sea Salt РSea salt adds flavor and can help with hydration. 

Cinnamon – Cinnamon comes from the bark of cinnamon trees. Cinnamon has been studied for antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties [4]

Chaga РChaga is mushroom that has shown promising potential to decrease cancer rates in mice. [5] Other purported benefits include immune system stimulation and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Cordyceps – Cordyceps are a fungus that grows on the larvae of insects and has over 21 clinically approved human benefits including: “antitumor, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, sexual and reproductive function enhancement, hypoglycemic, and antifatigue activities, and have a protective effect on the kidney and liver.” [6]

Reishi – Extracts from Reishi mushrooms, also known as Lingzhi mushrooms, have been shown to have anti-aging properties such as anti-oxidation, immunomodulation and anti-neurodegeneration. They have also been studied for anti-cancer properties. [7]

Lions Mane – Lion’s Mane mushrooms have been studied and shown evidence of many health benefits including reducing symptoms from anxiety and depression, repairing nerve damage, and boosting the immune system. They also are believed to protect against dementia as well as having anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. [8]

Here’s what all these ingredients look like mixed together:¬†

MUD\WTR Review: Initial Concerns

Having experience with nootropics, one of my very first concerns was the sheer number of ingredients in this stuff. If you’ve ever tried stacking multiple nootropics at once then you know it can be really tough to zero in on what’s working and what’s not, let alone what might be causing you to experience side effects. All in all, though the ingredient profile is pretty straight forward, 100% organic, and doesn’t anything extra that really shouldn’t be in there.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t like that I had to sign up for a $40/month subscription just to try it out. I even tried reaching out to them to ask for a promo code but got no response. A lot of that $40 clearly goes towards marketing, which they quite frankly do an awesome job on, pushing the “lifestyle” of not being addicted to caffeine. The packaging and unboxing experience is superb, but at the end of the day I’m buying a coffee alternative, not a $1000 smartphone. In addition to that, they donate an undisclosed % of their earnings to every purchase to MAPS, an organization for psychedelic drug research, which is an awesome cause, but as a nosy consumer I could definitely appreciate knowing what portion of each sale that actually is. At the end of the day I would be happy at a $30 price point for 30 servings. I just felt like a lot of my $40 was paying for stuff unrelated to the actual ingredients.

Another big concern I always have with notoropics and supplements is the quality of ingredients. I was pleasantly surprised.

MUD\WTR Review: Ingredient Quality

When it comes to nootropics, ingredient purity and quality are really important. Out of the nine ingredients, I went in with low expectations on one: the cinnamon. It just so happens that I work with someone who sources and sells the world’s highest quality cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Yes there is low quality cinnamon and there is bad quality cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is harvested in Sri Lanka from the bark of a native species of cinnamon trees that pretty much only grow in that region. Cassia cinnamon, which is much cheaper and far more common contains a compound called coumarin, which is toxic and known to cause kidney, liver and lung damage. As little as 1-2 teaspoons of Cassia cinnamon can result in someone exceeding the daily tolerable intake of coumarin. Ceylon cinnamon on the other hand contains virtually no coumarin in comparison to Cassia cinnamon. [9]¬†To make a long story short, the MUD\WTR guys said her Ceylon cinnamon was too expensive, even when she offered to source it at cost. I reached out to MUD\WTR directly to ask for confirmation that their cinnamon is indeed Cassia and to my delight they said it was Ceylon! Now all that to say I’m not terribly worried about overdosing on coumarin even if it were Cassia cinnamon given that the daily serving size of MUD\WTR is only 1 tablespoon. However, settling can often occur with mixed powder products and the first scoop from the top of the tin could easily wind up with much more cinnamon than the final scoop or vice versa.

So I was actually pretty impressed right off the bat with the fact that MUD\WTR sprung for the expensive, high quality cinnamon. I did some research on where they source the rest of their ingredients and was pretty pleased with what I found. 100% of the ingredients in MUD\WTR are organic, and they source they’re mushroom ingredients from Om Mushrooms in Carlsbad, California, who grow their own certified organic mushrooms and are a highly reliable and reputable supplier of mushrooms.¬†

MUD\WTR Review: Ordering, Shipping, and Unboxing

I ordered MUD\WTR on Sunday afternoon, and it arrived on Thursday at 1pm. Living on the east coast and knowing that it was shipped from California I have no issues with the three and half day shipping time. As mentioned above, my main issue with ordering was how they force you into a monthly subscription before you even get to try the product. My initial reaction to unboxing the product was really pleasant. They clearly spend a lot of time on the packaging: they included an ‘About’ card that includes directions and several recipes, 3 trial packs of their powdered MCT oil creamer, two MUD\WTR stickers, a free frother, and the actual MUD\WTR itself. The frother is actually a pretty amazing bonus that I thought I wouldn’t get much use out of, but it turns out it’s pretty powerful and easy to keep clean. Here’s a picture of everything laid out:

MUD\WTR Review: Price

So where does MUD\WTR come in on price? At first I thought MUD\WTR was kind of pricey, but that was before I did the math. It just seems pricey because you pay up front for a whole month’s worth of servings vs paying by the cup like many people do with coffee. MUD\WTR currently costs $40 for 30 servings. That $1.33 per serving. Let’s compare that to other options:

MUD\WTR: $1.33 per serving

Coffee From a Coffee Shop: $1.95+

Homemade Coffee: $0.60+

Other Premium Nootropic Drinks: $2.00+

MUD\WTR actually comes in as the second cheapest option, right behind making your own cup of coffee at home. That being said, making your own cup of coffee can actually get pricier depending on what you add to it in terms of sugar, cream, MCT oil, etc. Other premium nootropic drinks I’ve tested and reviewed all come in at over $2.00. The closest alternative that can compete with MUD\WTR’s price is Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, which comes in at roughly $1.20 per serving and is a far inferior product. It’s an instantized coffee powder with only two different types of mushrooms (Lion’s Mane and Chaga) compared to MUD\WTR‘s robust profile of 9 premium ingredients.

If price is a big concern for you, you may be wondering what it would cost to reverse engineer the ingredient profile and mix your own version of MUD\WTR for cheaper by ordering the individual ingredients in bulk. Unfortunately for us MUD\WTR does not make it easy for us as they do not disclose the quantities of each ingredient. Fortunately for you, I have no life and decided to do the math.

Cacao – Viva Naturals 1lb Bag – $10.99 for 91 servings: $0.12 per serving
Masala Chai – Blue Lotus Chai Powder – $16.50 for 100 servings: $0.165 per serving
Turmeric – Organic Turmeric Powder – $8.99 for 100 servings: $0.089 per serving
Sea Salt – Sherpa Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – $8.49 for 605 servings: $0.014 per serving
Cinnamon –¬†Naturevibe Botanicals Premium Quality –¬†$12.49 for 500 servings: $0.042 per serving
Chaga – Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder –¬† $21.95 for 85 servings: $0.258 per serving
Cordyceps – Organic Cordyceps Powder – $23.95 for 113 servings: $0.212 per serving
Reishi РOrganic Reishi Powder Р$23.95 for 227 servings: $0.106 per serving
Lions Mane – Organic Lions Mane Powder –¬†$23.95 for 227 servings: $0.106¬†per serving

Whew. That took way too long. That brings us to a grand total of $1.11 per serving after an upfront cost of $151.26. If you are crazy enough to go through the trouble of sourcing each ingredient, you could honestly probably find better deals than I was able to and bring the total cost per serving down closer to $1.00 or so. This savings of $0.33 per day over buying straight from MUD\WTR comes with its own set of costs. First, you have to be willing to buy in bulk upfront, which will run you well over $100. Second, you have to be willing to weigh and measure your own ingredients. Third, you’ll be caught in a constant balancing act of running out of some ingredients while having an abundance of others. Fourth, you’ll need a place to store these bulk powders long-term to keep them from going bad. Fifth, you’ll have to do some tinkering to get the dosages and taste right. Yeah… it’s worth it to just pay the extra $0.33 per serving and enjoy your free electric frother and unused cabinet space.

MUD\WTR Review: 30 Day Test Notes & Data

I journaled daily notes on how I felt each day throughout the entire 30 days and tracked my headaches throughout the whole process as well as my perceived mental cognition. The notes can get a bit repetitive so for those looking for a summary, feel free to scroll through to the bottom. I did my best to condense the more repetitive days into groups to keep from being too boring.

Headache Ranges by Day

Cognition Range by Day

Day 1: This was my first day in probably a year with no coffee. The week prior I prepared by weening myself down to one cup per day. I had dull headache bordering on a migraine all day, even after drinking MUD\WTR. I drank with the included powdered cocounut oil and MCT oil creamer and no sweetener. The taste was earthy. I was definitely hoping for a little more zing from the chai and cinnamon.¬†They include a battery powered frother with your first order, which is essentially just a stirrer, but unfortunately did not include batteries to go with it. Initially I was kind of annoyed because now I had to go buy batteries to test this freebie thing that I initially didn’t even want. But I’ll be honest, it works much better than stirring with a spoon and breaks up all the gritty clumps of MUD\WTR really well.¬†As far as nootropic effects go I wasn’t expecting too much since I was simultaneously quitting coffee (although that’s partly what this product is intended for), but I did notice laser focus starting late into the night even to the point of having mild trouble shutting my brain off and going to sleep. This could be related to cutting out caffeine though. The biggest unexpected effect was that my sugar cravings plummeted to zero. I had absolutely no appetite for anything sweet. A weird but greatly welcomed side effect.

Day 2: I felt absolutely terrible waking up. It pretty much felt like a hangover. I’m attributing this to day 2 of caffeine withdrawals, though I did not have much of a coffee craving. Likewise, yet again I had no sugar cravings to my pleasant surprise, let alone any appetite. I had good focus, but still a mild/medium severity headache all day likely due to caffeine withdrawals. I did also notice I was quite irritable, and I’m normally a pretty laid back guy. I’m thinking this could have something to do with having a headache all day and having to spend an hour of my evening on the phone with AT&T customer support.¬†

Day 3: Slept a bit restlessly and woke up in the middle of the night scared and paranoid for no reason which was very odd, but has happened to me on rare occasions before. Aside from that I felt pretty excellent all day long with great focus. My mood was pretty great all day, though I did feel irritable for about an hour in the mid-afternoon. My headache was 90% gone and it being virtually caffeine free for 3 days feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I did have a little bit of trouble falling asleep since my mind was very busy. Some melatonin would likely help, but I don’t want to introduce another nootropic substance into my test.

Day 4: I felt pretty amazing on day 4; my mood was great and so was my productivity. I didn’t have any weird dreams and I woke up feeling pretty well-rested thanks to the extra hour of sleep from daylight savings time. This was the first day I drank my Mud Water without the powdered coconut oil and MCT oil creamer since they only include 3 trial packets with your first order. The taste without the powdered creamer is a little more zingy, you can really taste the cinnamon and chai. That being said I prefer the taste with the powdered creamer and even noticed a little sluggishness after I ate lunch. Maybe the MCT oil really does work. Even after 4 days I still have a very, very mild headache that comes and goes. Caffeine dependence is no joke. By far the biggest difference I have noticed since quitting coffee for MUD\WTR is the appetite control. I didn’t expect this effect at all, nor do they advertise it, but I have minimal cravings. I ate dinner the day before at 6pm and it was noon on day 4 when I realized I hadn’t eaten anything yet. I essentially fasted for 18 hours with no effort. This was the worst night yet in terms of try to fall asleep. My mind was racing and I ended up having to take a Melatonin at 1 am and wound up falling asleep around 2 am.¬†

Day 5: Given the rough night of sleep the night before, I felt pretty good on day 5 of quitting coffee for Mud Water. On day 5 I experimented with adding a tablespoon of butter and a bit of honey to my MUD\WTR and the taste was so much better. Who knew adding fat and sugar makes things taste better? I’d rate the taste of plain MUD\WTR with nothing in it at about a 5/10. Not great, but not bad, and definitely palatable. With a tablespoon of butter and a squirt of honey the taste goes to 9/10. The amazing taste came at the expense of about an extra 150 calories, however, which I’m not sure is worth it. My sugar cravings were became more present today too, which may be linked to having the honey in my MUD\WTR. Before MUD\WTR I was adding cream and sugar to my coffee each morning, so I’m thinking my loss of sugar cravings is less about switching to MUD\WTR and more about cutting out sugar in the morning. Took another Melatonin to fall asleep since I was starting to get a headache and didn’t want to lay awake again.

Day 6: I woke up on Day 6 with a massive headache from the single glass of wine I had with my steak dinner the night before. This occasionally happens to me with some wines but I’m not sure which ones cause the issue. Regardless, I drank my MUD\WTR with butter and honey again and it tasted great, but my appetite and sugar cravings were definitely back in full force. I’m planning to go back to just drinking it plain tomorrow, or at least without the honey, to see if my sugar cravings will disappear again. Once my headache receded I felt pretty great with solid focus all day long. I’m starting to really like this stuff and I haven’t even thought about coffee, let alone craved a cup of it in about 3 days.

Day 7: One week in! I fell asleep fine the previous night without the help of any melatonin and actually slept pretty well. I had headache when I woke up but it quickly went away after a hot shower and a glass of water. Today I drank my MUD/WTR with 1/2 tablespoon of butter and no honey this time, and what do you know, no sugar cravings. I think making it a point to not consume sugar of any kind before 2 pm is a key to success for me in controlling my appetite. The taste of MUD\WTR with just a little bit of butter was quite good, not as amazing as the butter and honey combo, but still better than drinking it plain. Energy and focus is high. 

Days 8, 9, & 10: I’ve been mixing it up and drinking my MUD\WTR different ways, sometimes with butter only, sometimes, with butter and honey, and sometimes just plain. I plan to try it with real coconut oil or MCT oil soon. I felt amazing all three of these day despite having a slight sinus infections. The two biggest thing to note are the ongoing decrease in sugar cravings and mental clarity first thing in the morning, even before I drink MUD\WTR. When I was addicted to coffee I would wake up with brain fog and not be able to function properly until I having a cup of coffee, and even then it took another hour or two to feel “normal”. Now, however, I can wake up and do an hour of work before I even consider drinking MUD\WTR or eating breakfast/lunch. I drink MUD\WTR because I feel like I benefit from it, but I am not dependent on it in any way to feel normal or good. Keep in mind I am getting a solid 8 hours of sleep every night and eating a healthy diet.

Days 11, 12, & 13: I’ve been drinking my MUD\WTR with coconut oil instead of butter for the last few mornings and have noticed a very slight improvement in how I feel until later in the day when I start getting mild headaches, though I don’t know if it should be attributed to the coconut oil or to an additional 3 days of drinking MUD\WTR. The bottom line at this point is I feel really good all day long. I have strong mental focus, alertness, and energy throughout the duration of the day with no headaches or bouts of grogginess or brain fog. I believe it’s due to the dual combination of eliminating my dependence on caffeine as a result of quitting coffee and the benefits gained from the nootropic ingredients in MUD\WTR. It’s been just about 2 weeks and I am already comfortable recommending MUD\WTR to friends and family members who I know are dependent on drinking coffee every morning just to feel normal.

Days 14, 15, & 16: I’ve felt amazing these past few days. I’m more productive and focused than ever and I can really kick into gear whenever I need to. I’m able to roll out of bed and start productively working immediately, rather than having to lay in bed for 20 minutes, take a shower, and drink a coffee just to be mildly functional. I’ve been super productive in the mid-morning time between 9 am and noon, felt sociable and energetic in my afternoon meetings, and focused through my evening workout and writing routine. I have had some mild headaches in the evenings on days where I drink MUD\WTR with coconut oil, which doesn’t surprise me since I’ve experienced headaches after ingesting coconut oil in the past and it is a commonly reported side effect of eating coconut oil. For the rest of the test I’ll be sticking to drinking MUD\WTR plain or with a little bit of butter and honey.

Days 17, 18, & 19: I still feel much better than I did when drinking coffee every day, especially in the mornings. On day 17 I woke up and worked for 2 hours with uninterrupted focus before I even thought about eating or drinking anything. Then once I drank my MUD\WTR, it was another 3 hours before I was hungry for lunch. On days 17, 18, and 19 I had great energy and alertness in the morning but have noticed I’ve gotten very sleepy around 7pm. What’s weird is that it’s pure sleepiness, with no brain fog or exhaustion accompanying it. It’s nothing I can’t power through but I’m wondering if I just need a little extra sleep or if I have started to build a tolerance to the ingredients in MUD\WTR. Right now I’m leaning towards needing some extra sleep due to a pretty stressful week.

Days 20-22: I had some mildly rough days on days 20-22 due to a little head cold/sinus congestion, but it cleared up pretty quickly. In fact it felt like it came and went quicker than it normally would have and it was mainly in the morning when I felt sick. After drinking a hot cup of MUD\WTR my sinuses would drain and I’d feel better for the rest of the day. To be clear I am not attributing this to the ingredients in MUD\WTR, but more to drinking a hot liquid that loosened the mucus up.

Days 23-30: The last 8 days on MUD\WTR I really hit my stride. I woke up feeling good and looked forward to drinking my MUD\WTR, but didn’t necessarily crave it or have to have it to feel good, very different to how I was when I was addicted to coffee. I do miss the taste of a good cup of coffee from time to time, especially on weekend mornings at church as it was such I regular and enjoyable occurrence for me, but now I just bring a cup of MUD\WTR in a to-go mug.¬†¬†

My Diet, Exercise, and Sleep While Testing MUD\WTR

While it’s normally important to maintain consistency in diet, exercise, and sleep, it’s even more critical when trying to track experiential effects in an anecdotal test. With the sample size being just one person, me, I am essentially only able to measure 30 data points in a month if each day is one data point. Every time I don’t get a good night of sleep or eat something terribly unhealthy, it invalidates that day, since feeling bad could easily be attributed to either of those factors and not the effects of replacing coffee with MUD\WTR. For that reason I put a lot of effort into maintaining consistent and healthy diet, exercise, and sleep routines throughout the duration of the test.


Morning: MUD\WTR (often with butter, coconut oil, or MCT oil, and sometimes honey)

Noon: Oatmeal with raisins and nuts

Afternoon: Salad with chicken or a sandwich with deli meat and plenty of vegetables

Dinner: Some type of meat, usually chicken or steak, with a side or two of vegetables, usually broccoli, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc.

Late Night Snack: This varies a lot, but usually it’s a scoop of peanut butter, a greek yogurt, or the occasional scoop of ice cream.


Sunday: Upper body workout with body weight exercises. (push-ups, pull-ups, situps, etc.)

Monday: Short and intense cardio (warm-up + stretch + 1 mile at a high pace)

Tuesday: Lower body workout with body weight exercises. (Squat jumps, burpees, lunges, etc.)

Wednesday: 3+ mile run

Thursday: Supplemental weight lifting (biceps, triceps, calves, etc.)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Stretching/Yoga routine

MUD\WTR Review: Conclusion

I feel much better on all fronts now and don’t plan on going back to coffee any time soon. At the end of the 30-day MUD\WTR test, I would honestly say that MUD\WTR is two things: an¬†effective nootropic drink, and a¬†great coffee alternative. Due to its similarities to coffee in that it’s a bold, hot drink taken in the morning, it makes it an excellent coffee replacement for people trying to quit. You end up getting a similar morning routine, a hot drink in a mug, and a nice mental boost, but this time it lasts all day. I would recommend MUD\WTR to anyone who is looking for a nootropic coffee alternative to help them quit their caffeine addiction. I would also recommend it to anyone who is looking for one of the best premium nootropic drinks available today. In fact, of all the nootropic drinks I have tested, it comes in at #3 overall, and in the category of “hot drinks” it comes in at #1. At the time of writing this review, MUD\WTR does not offer an affiliate program. I am offering my honest opinion on Mud Water as a coffee replacement product.