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Nature Made Melatonin Review

When it comes to purchasing a singular pure nootropic substance such as Melatonin, we generally recommend going with the least expensive option from our list of trusted suppliers. Melatonin as a nootropic substance is going to be identical across all suppliers regardless of which one you choose. The only areas in which there will be any difference is in purity, price, and packaging. Melatonin is such a widely popular supplement that it is carried by most reputable health supplement brands, not just brands that specialize in nootropics.

Purity: Nature Made conducts purity tests on their products using techniques like infrared scanning, high performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrophotometry. They manufacture most of their own products in Southern California and have strict guidelines when they do source from suppliers and have even gone as far as conducting clinical studies on their own products. Nature Made is regarded as a safe and reputable supplier of dietary supplements.

Price: Nature Made will generally have the competitive prices and quality on most common dietary supplements and nootropics like Melatonin, especially when you take into account the free shipping you get if you order from Amazon, which is where we recommend purchasing Nature Made products. Most Nature Made products, including Melatonin, can be found at your local drug store, grocery store, or pharmacy.

Packaging: Fancy packaging should not matter to most people. Nature Made packaging looks nice, is secure, and preserves supplements for long periods of time.

Pros 👍

+ Great Price

+ Free Shipping via Amazon Prime

+ Tested for Purity

+ Generous Refund Policy

Cons 👎

 Melatonin may make some people wake up groggy.  If this happens to you, consider decreasing your dose. 

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