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Nootropics Depot Cognizin Review

When it comes to purchasing a singular pure nootropic substance such as Citicoline (brand name: Cognizin), we generally recommend going with the least expensive option from our list of trusted suppliers. Citicoline as a nootropic substance is going to be identical across all suppliers regardless of which one you choose. The only areas in which there will be any difference is in purity, price, and packaging.

Purity: Nootropics Depot conducts in-house purity and identity testing on all of their products. In addition, they also work with 3rd parties, like Alkemist Labs verify and test purities and percentages of ingredients. Nootropics Depot is a highly reputable and trusted supplier of nootropic supplements.

Price: Nootropics Depot will often have the best prices on common nootropics, but require a $50 minimum order to qualify for free shipping. Nootropics Depot is almost always the best place to order from if you are spending over $50.

Packaging: Fancy packaging doesn’t matter to most people, however,  Nootropics Depot’s packaging is quite nice without being over the top.

Pros 👍

Great Price

+ Multiple Dosage Options

+ Tested for Purity

+ Tested for Identity

+ 30 Day Return Policy

+ Nice Packaging

Cons 👎

 Free Shipping only on orders above $50

 No returns after opening product

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