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Now Supplements Alpha GPC Review

When it comes to purchasing a singular pure nootropic substance such as Alpha GPC, we generally recommend going with the least expensive option from our list of trusted suppliers. Alpha GPC as a nootropic substance is going to be identical across all suppliers regardless of which one you choose. The only areas in which there will be any difference is in purity, price, and packaging.

Purity: Now Supplements conducts in house testing on all of their products. They  test for purity, identity, contaminants, and heavy metal content all in-house and at multiple stages throughout their product life. They test the manufacturer’s facilities, they test the raw materials when they come in the doors, and they test the final products before they leave.

Price: Now Supplements is usually the best option on Amazon because they provide extremely high-quality nootropic supplements at a very fair price. Their nootropics are generally priced slightly higher than what you’ll find buying directly from Nootropics Depot or Pure Nootropics.

Packaging: Fancy packaging doesn’t matter to many people, however,  NoW Supplements packaging is quite decent.

Pros 👍

Great Website

+ Tested for Purity

+ Tested for Identity

+ Available on Amazon

+ Nice Packaging

Cons 👎

Fairly priced, but higher than the competition.

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