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Sports Research Suntheanine is going a be a tad pricier than most other L-Theanine brands on Amazon, but a few extra bucks is worth it to be 100% sure that the product is properly sourced, handled, and stored. As mentioned above, Suntheanine is just a branded label for a proprietary manufacturing process of L-Theanine. Sports Research simply sources Suntheanine from the manufacturer and distributes it as an online retailer on Amazon. Sports Research as a company has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and additional research does not reveal that they’ve been involved in any lawsuits.

They state their products and claims are backed by science, and in the case of their L-Theanine supplement, this is the truth. Sports Research Suntheanine is the suntheanine L-Theanine ingredient mixed with cold-pressed coconut oil encapsulated in softgels. There are a few reports of these softgels melting while being shipped, in which case Sports Research has and excellent return ad refund policy.

L-Theanine is often taken with caffeine for an even more noticeable boost in focus and mental cognition, and Sports Research has a slightly more expensive sister product that includes both caffeine and L-Theanine in the same softgel tab this time with MCT oil instead of coconut oil. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests caffeine provides a longer, smoother form of energy when mixed with MCT oil. If you are strictly looking for an L-Theanine only supplement that induces relaxation without drowsiness, and increases alertness and focus, while reducing anxiety, then go with the original Sports Research Suntheanine in Coconut Oil Softgels. If you want a long lasting boost of energy and focus that will get you through the entire day, go with the Sports Research L-Theanine + Caffeine in MCT Oil Softgels. Both of these come with in 60 softgels per bottle.