The 12 Best Nootropic Drinks That Actually Work

You may find yourself asking, what is a Nootropic drink, let alone a nootropic? A nootropic drink is a drink that has been specially formulated to give a boost to your mental health, cognitive function, and overall mood. In general, a nootropic substance is a substance that is used to enhance memory, cognitive function, and overall mood. To put it in simple terms, a Nootropic is a substance or a supplement that can give you a boost mentally, can enhance your mood, and improve your overall health.

There is a range of Nootropic products available on the market that focus on different health benefits such as boosting your brain function, enhancing weight loss, or helping to improve how you feel. It is important to understand the best nootropic drinks discussed in this article can be very different from each other and therefore may have different effects. Some are designed to help you sleep, while others are design to give you a mental boost.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 12 best Nootropic drinks currently on the market.

#1 TruBrain Boost Nootropic Drink Shots

Nootropics Resource Score 

  • Efficacy
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Value

Pros 👍

+ Potent and Fast Acting

+ Cognition, Verbal Fluency, Memory, and Focus 

+ Tastes Great

+ Portable and Convenient

+ Premium Ingredient Profile


 Must sign up for a subscription (but you can cancel immediately if you want to try your first order first)

 Reasonably Priced, But Cheaper, Less Premium Alternatives Do Exist

 Very Potent! Don’t drink before bed or you’ll be up all night.

Summary: TruBrain Nootropic drink shots were developed by an experienced team of scientists out of UCLA with a focus on creating a product that can help alleviate stress, blast through mental blocks, and increase cognitive output. TruBrain is one of the best Nootropic drinks on the market with its finely balanced mix of Nootropic ingredients including Caffeine, L-Theanine, Uridine, Noopept, and Citicoline. The benefit of drinking TruBrain is the huge boost it gives you to mentally smash through procrastination and get laser-focused on the task at hand. In your line of work, study, or competition this can be especially critical if you need to solve complex problems or think critically all day as TruBrain can help your mental capacity remain clearer for longer periods of time.

Ingredient Profile: The ingredient profile of TruBrain is beyond stellar, bordering on perfect. It starts with a slightly dosed-down combination of Caffeine + L-Theanine, which is the most underrated nootropic combination out there. Seriously, I am a huge advocate of Caffeine + L-Theanine and firmly believe most people would feel a remarkable improvement in their day-to-day lives if they started each day with it. I say dosed-down because for most people the appropriate dose of Caffeine + L-Theanine is a 100MG / 200MG split, whereas TruBrain has an 80MG / 160MG split which is completely logical given the presence of multiple other nootropic ingredients. Next up is a Uridine + Centrophenoxine + Noopept combination in a 500MG / 250MG / 12MG split. Uridine is a natural compound that studies show aids in mental cognition and boosts memory function through aiding in the production of RNA which is vital for storing memories in the brain. Centrophenoxine is a cholinergic compound that acts as a very absorbable DMAE transporter. In plain English, this basically means it’s good at removing waste product buildup from the brain and helps you feel the clear-mindedness you normally feel after a good night of sleep. Noopept is very similar to Piracetam, one of the most widely popular nootropic supplements (used for its concentration and focus enhancing qualities), but requires a much smaller dosage to feel its effects. 

After these main ingredients, there are an additional 4 simple nutrients: Magnesium, Tyrosine, Carnitine, and Citicoline. Magnesium is an essential macromineral that carries with it a slew of health benefits including reduced anxiety and migraine relief and is commonly deficient in most people’s diets. Tyrosine is an amino acid that is vital to the creation of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and adrenaline. Carnitine is another amino acid that has been studied for a myriad of health benefits including brain and memory function. Lastly, Citicoline is a naturally occurring raw material in the brain that is consumed more rapidly when the brain functions at a higher level. Citicoline, also known as CDP Choline or Cognizin in its branded form has been xtensively researched for its memory and brain function benefits.

Now here’s where most nootropic drink mix manufacturers would stop and add artificial flavors and sweeteners, but TruBrain takes a much different, healthier approach. There are 5 more natural ingredients added for flavor: Monk Fruit, Mangosteen, Nopal Cactus, Cane Sugar, and Blue Agave. Each of these contribute to very sweet and tangy taste followed by a slightly bitter after-taste.

Why It’s #1: TruBrain has the highest quality ingredient profile of any nootropic drink on the market in a convenient portable shot pouch. It achieves better flavor than most other nootropic drinks without using artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Personal Use: TruBrain Boost has been my ‘daily driver’ nootropic (when I’m not testing other nootropic supplements) because it’s quite simply the best I’ve found. I’ve taken two different approaches to the timing of when I use TruBrain. The first way is just simply taking it in the morning when I wake up and the second is to wait until the afternoon when I start to slow down mentally. Both methods work great and keep me focused all day, however, I prefer taking it first thing in the morning on days when I exercise in the morning and waiting until the afternoon to take it if I plan on working late into the evening. I’m a bit of a night owl and like to work from 8 pm to midnight most nights. As far as effectiveness goes, TruBrain Boost just gets me going. I’m the type of person who can drink a cup of coffee and then still take a nap, but TruBrain shifts my mind into productivity mode for 8+ hours. The shift is mostly mental, but slightly physical as well in the sense that it doesn’t make me jittery, but does keep me awake yet calm. After drinking TruBrain I find that my brain wants to work on something for the next 8 or more hours. Yet I remain calm enough that I can lay down and shut my eyes and just think clearly without having to worry about falling asleep or getting distracted. I’ve actually done some of my best brainstorming and business planning this way. My only complaint about TruBrain is a bit of an unfair nitpick. There’s something about drinking out of a mini-pouch that makes it feel “processed”, and it’s not until I taste it that I’m reminded of how natural the taste and ingredient profile actually is. The trade-off here is the convenience and portability of shot pouches. They are much easier to travel with than larger drinks or canisters of powder that aren’t TSA compliant. Lastly, they seem a bit pricey at first but actually when you compare to other comparable nootropic drinks (there really aren’t nootropic drinks this premium), the price is competitive, if not better. TruBrain actually becomes very affordable if you take advantage of the subscription discount and the bulk discount. I just ordered a 12 month supply for $1.50 per serving which is considerably cheaper than the cost per serving of #2 on our list. Yes, 12 months. That’s how much I like this stuff.

#2 Genius Consciousness

Nootropics Resource Score 

  • Efficacy
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Value

Pros 👍

+ Increased Focus, Energy, and Concentration

+ Tastes Great

+ Reasonably priced

+ Available on Amazon

+ Excellent, Branded Ingredient Profile


 Reasonably Priced, But Could be Cheaper

 Don’t take before bed or you’ll be up all night (duh)

Summary: Genius Consciousness is one of the best Nootropic drinks because it contains a carefully curated list of Nootropic ingredients that have been researched for providing brain-boosting benefits. It has a clean and well researched ingredient profile of 10 active ingredients that all work synergistically to improve brain function. In addition, all the ingredients are branded, which generally is a good indicator that they come from reliable manufacturers who test for purity.

Ingredient Profile: The ingredients in Genius Consciousness have clearly been carefully picked to compliment one another. For example, Genius Consciousness promotes the presence of acetylcholine, one of the most beneficial brain chemicals to have with two ingrediants: Alpha GPC and Huperzine A. Alpha-GPC is known to increase the amount of acetylcholine that is made in the brain, meanwhile, the Huperzine A prevents the new acetylcholine from being flushed away. Another example is the Tyrosine and Caffeine combo. The Tyrosine prevents brain fog and calmness while the caffeine promotes energy, motivation, and performance. Another one of the main ingredients in Genius Consciousness powder is Acetly L-carnitine which has been shown in studies to boost brain function, improve blood flow to the brain and help protect against brain deterioration. [1] [2] 

Personal Use: I test a lot of nootropics in many different forms, including both singular ingredient supplements and and pre-made formulas such as Genius Consciousness, but occasionally have trouble describing in words how they make me feel.. I’ll try my best to explain to you how Genius Consciousness works for me. Genius Consciousness essentially gives me a dial on my concentration. It allows me to zero in on singular tasks and dramatically increase productivity, but doesn’t keep me there if I don’t want it to. I can bring my head up for air and start effectively multi-tasking without feeling overwhelmed. The single biggest benefit for me, however, is the ability to drop what I’m doing when I’m interrupted by human interaction, communicate effectively without being preoccupied, then dive right back into what I was working on. Normally if someone walks by and interrupts me while I’m working, 80% of my brain is still working on whatever problem I was stuck on and anxious that I’ll forget where I was at, 10% is irritated, and lastly measly, glazed over 10% goes to whoever is talking to me. When I take Genius Consciousness, I can drop what I’m doing confidently and give someone my full atttention because I know when I return I can jump right back to where I left off. The taste is nice, a bit sour/bitter but also sweet. It’s slightly chalky unless you add plenty of water. I personally love the taste, but my wife actually turned her nose at it saying it was too bitter for her taste, so just be aware that if you don’t care for sour or bitter flavors you may have to plug your nose and take it like a shot. Genius Consciousness is what I took before sitting down to hammer out this review and I am super dialed in right now.

Why It’s #2: Most of us work, study, or compete in environments that are highly taxing mentally and require a lot of focus to perform well. Genius Consciousness improves brain function, focus, and energy so you can work for longer periods of time and maintain greater concentration levels. It’s ingredient profile is clean, well-researched, and intentional, all at an affordable price. It falls just shy of TruBrain because it’s cost per serving is a tad higher and TruBrain is more portable. At the end of the day they are both great products. If you prefer a mixable powder, go with Genous Consciousness, but if you prefer a pre-made, portable shot pouch go with TruBrain.


Nootropics Resource Score 

  • Efficacy
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Value

Pros 👍

+ Increased Focus, Energy, and Concentration

+ Tastes Great With Butter and Honey

+ Very Fairly Priced

+ Replaces Coffee

+ Excellent Ingredient Quality and Profile

+ Comes with free mixer/frother


 Not available on Amazon

Must sign up for a subscription (but you can cancel immediately if you want to try your first order first)

Proprietary Blend

Summary: MUD\WTR is the best nootropic drink that is consumed as a hotcoffee alternative. It has a 100% natural and organic ingredient profile comprising of just 9 ingredients that have each been thoroughly researched for their nootropic benefits. MUD\WTR is currently the best nootropic coffee alternative on the market.

Ingredient Profile: MUD\WTR is made of 9 all natural organic ingredients: Masala Chai, Cacao, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Turmeric, Sea Salt, and Cinnamon. If you’re unfamiliar with these ingredients they are basically a mixture of tea, mushrooms, and spices each of which provide nootropic benefits. Lion’s Mane supports memory and focus while Reishi provides immune support and calmness. The Masala Chai, cacao, and cordyceps all provide benefits to physical and mental energy levels among many other benefits. Chaga provides immune system support and reduces inflammation. Turmeric is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory substances there is and cinnamon reduces sugar cravings and is extremely high in antioxidants. Lastly, the Himalayan sea salt supports hydration, pH balance, and adds flavor.

Personal Use: I tested MUD\WTR for 30 days by using it to quit coffee, to which I was quite addicted, often drinking up to 3 or 4 cups in a day. I will be posting the full review very soon, but I was very pleased with the product itself. My only real complaint was with how you have to purchase it through the MUD\WTR website and they only have a subscription option available. Canceling the subscription right after receiving my order was really easy, however. MUD\WTR is really easy to make – you just put a tablespoon of powder into an empty mug and stir in 8 oz of hot water. I tried MUD\WTR plain, with their complimentary trial packs of powdered MCT oil creamer, and with honey and butter. The flavor of just plain  MUD\WTR with no additives is actually quite good, although I imagine some people may not particularly care for it. It has a very unsweet earthy flavor with occasional sharp notes of cinnamon and chai spice. I give it a 6/10. With the powdered MCT oil creamer, the flavor is still unsweet and earthy but the creamer tones down the cinnamon and chai, still a 6/10. MUD/WTR with a tablespoon of butter and a squirt of honey, however, is incredible. Easily a 9/10. The only thing holding it back from being a perfect 10 is that a decent amount of the MUD\WTR mixture settles to the bottom of the mug and makes the last few sips a bit gritty. As far as effectiveness goes MUD\WTR not give me boosts of motivation or energy like the caffeine in coffee does. Instead it gives me mental clarity and calmness throughout the day as well as a resistance to tiredness or exhaustion. In other words, on a day where I drink MUD\WTR I never dip below my baseline of focus and concentration. Rather than getting a big boost of energy I just feel good all day, never feeling like I need to take a break to rest my brain. It’s quite the opposite from the ups and downs you get when you drink coffee.

Why It’s #3: MUD\WTR comes in at #3 overall, but if you are looking for a nootropic coffee replacement or a nootropic drink that can help you quit a coffee habit that has gotten out of hand, then MUD\WTR is the best nootropic drink for you. MUD\WTR doesn’t really fall short of the top two best nootropic drinks in this list; it’s different in so many ways that it is difficult to compare them head to head. At the end of the day, MUD\WTR is the highest quality nootropic drink that is consumed hot.


Summary: Cocotropic is another mixture of nootropic ingredients that is intended to be consumed as a coffee alternative, but also be used in a wide range of recipes such as protein shakes or even some baking recipes. What makes Cocotropic one of the best nootropic drinks is that it helps you increase your concentration levels while putting you in a better mood and helping you to feel more relaxed thanks to it’s high dosage of an ingredient that isn’t commonly found in many other nootropic drinks: cocoa powder. Studies have shown that cocoa powder has a myriad of health benefits. Thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants, cocoa powder can improve your mood, increase your cognitive function and help protect the brain (neuroprotective properties). If you suffer from stress due to pressure at work, study or family life then drinking Cocotropic can help you reduce your stress levels.

Ingredient Profile: Cocotropic differs from MUD\WTR in that it only has 5 ingredients: Cocoa powder, Reishi, Maca, Chaga, and Turmeric. The main difference between Cocotropic and MUD\WTR has a few more ingredients instead of maca powder that Cocotropic has. Additionally, Cocotropic has a much higher dose of cocoa powder which gives it a more chocolatey, though not sweet, taste.

Personal Use: I have only tasted a few sample packs of Cocotropic and have not had the chance to test it for an extended period of time. The taste is pretty chocolatey due to the higher concentration of cocoa powder but other than that the taste is pretty earthy just like MUD\WTR. It’s slightly less expensive than MUD\WTR but if I had to recommend one of the two, it would be MUD\WTR for the more diverse and premium ingredient profile. That being said, Cocotropic is a bit more versatile due to it’s chocolatey taste. You can add it to coffee, a protein shake, tea, or just enjoy it as a standalone nootropic drink with hot water mixed in. 

Kimera Koffee

Summary: Kimera Koffee is a blend of coffee and other high quality nootropic ingredients that help boost cognitive function, increase mental and physical output, and sharpen focus. One of the key ingredients other than the coffee is L-Theanine which has been shown in studies to increase focus and relaxation without making you drowsy. L-Theanine also helps calm any jittery effects of the coffee and can help you stay focused for longer periods. L-Theanine also increases cognitive output so that you can work faster and be more productive. Kimera Koffee is one of the best Nootropic drinks available and has a great blend of Nootropic ingredients.

Ingredient Profile: Coffee (caffeine), L-Theanine, Alpha-GPC, Taurine, and DMAE. Caffeine and L-Theanine are often taken in conjunction with each other due to their synergistic effects of increasing focus and calmness at the same time. Alpha-GPC supports the production of acetylcholine in the brain, a critically important brain chemical when it comes to cognitive function and memory. Taurine is an acid commonly found in meats such as beef and promotes many health benefits, the most clnically supported of which is an increase in blood-flow. Lastly, DMAE also promotes the production of acetylcholine in the brain and also clears out what is known as ‘age-pigment’ in the brain which is commonly associated with cognitive decline in the elderly.

Personal Use: Kimera Koffee is what I would consider to be a very dark or bold roast. It has a rich coffee flavor and you don’t taste the other nootropic ingredients that have been added. The effects were great – with Kimera Koffee I felt much calmer, yet still focused and energetic, than I would with a normal cup of coffee. The focus lasted for about 6 hours, which is about 2 hours longer than a cup of normal coffee would last. There was no sudden crash like I get with normal coffee, just a gradual decline back to my baseline normalcy. If you want a nootropic drink but don’t want to give up your coffee, Kimera Koffee is the best nootropic enhanced coffee we’ve come across. Keep in mind it will cost you roughly twice the amount of a normal bag of coffee, but is well worth it.

Four Sigmatic Nootropic Coffee Mix

Summary: Four Sigmatic Mushroom coffee mix is another excellent nootropic coffee drink. It’s a more natural alternative to Kimera Koffee in that is only has 2 added ingredients: Chaga and Lion’s Mane. Both of these are mushroom powders and both are high quality, well researched nootropics.

Ingredient Profile: This is simply instant coffee powder mixed with Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushroom powders. It’s a very simple ingredient profile but effective nonetheless. Expect better energy and concentration from the caffeine and benefits to memory and focus from teh Lion’s Mane. Chaga mushrooms are linked to better immunity and less inflammation.

Personal Use: Four Sigmatic is a powdered coffee mix, so you simply mix it with hot water, which is a bit easier than brewing a cup of coffee. The Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushrooms give it an earthy flavor that may take some time to acquire an affinity for. I personally don’t mind the taste, though it’s not as good as MUD\WTR in my opinion. I

Honorable Mentions

Neuro Drinks

Neuro Drinks are a range of specially crafted Nootropic drinks that have different benefits for your brain and body depending on what area of your health you are looking to improve. Whether it is your mental health, a brain boost or even help with weight loss the eight products currently offered by Neuro Drinks cover nearly all scenarios.

Neuro Drinks currently have eight products available on the market which I will detail individually below.

Sonic: Sonic is a Nootropic drink that has been specially designed to help you increase your attentiveness and energy levels. A key ingredient of Sonic is L-Theanine which studies have shown contributes to improved mental function and makes this one of the best Nootropic drinks for students or hard working professionals. (Buy on Amazon)

Bliss: Bliss has been created with a carefully selected mix of Nootropic ingredients with the aim of aiding relaxation and helping you improve your mental function by reducing stress so you can be more attentive to the tasks you are performing. A key ingredient of Bliss is L-Theanine which studies have shown contributes to improved mental function and reduces stress levels making Bliss one of the best Nootropic drinks. (Buy on Amazon)

Sleep: The idea behind Sleep is exactly as you would expect from the name, Sleep has been designed specifically to help you improve your sleep. This Nootropic drink will aid you so that you can get a more restful sleep. A key ingredient of the Nootropic drink Sleep is Melatonin which is also known to be produced naturally when your body is getting ready for sleep so by introducing extra Melatonin studies have shown this can improve your sleeping habits meaning you can have a more fitful night’s sleep. (Buy on Amazon)

Trim: Trim has been specially formulated with Nootropic ingredients to help aid weight loss. One of the key ingredients of Trim is Glucomannan. Glucomannan is mainly found in Northern Japan and comes from the Konjac Root. The Glucomannan works in your stomach and intestines by absorbing water, a process known as been hygroscopic. Studies show this fiber helps with weight loss as it makes you feel fuller for longer, helps keep your blood sugar levels stable and also reduces the absorption by the body of fat so drinking Trim is designed to aid with weight loss. (Buy on Amazon)

Daily: Daily has been designed to give your body a daily boost thus improving your body’s natural defenses against illness, fatigue and mental deficiency. One of the essential Nootropic ingredients included in Daily is Vitamin D which you normally get from eating certain foods like Salmon for example. Studies have shown that Vitamin D has many health benefits such as regulating calcium and phosphate in the body. The nutrients from Vitamin D are essential in keeping your bones, teeth, and muscles healthy so Daily is one of the best Nootropic drinks to use regularly to supplement your diet with extra vitamins. (Buy on Amazon)

Probucha: Probucha is a live probiotic drink that has been carefully designed to aid digestion and your overall gut health. A main ingredient of Probucha is the probiotic bacteria Bacillus Subtilis which studies have shown aids gut health and digestion. The bacteria Bacillus Subtilis that have been added to Probucha can help you maintain a healthy gut, can help your intestines improve their gut barrier function and also aids digestion along with greater nutrient absorption. Probucha is one of the best Nootropic drinks if you are wanting to improve your gut health. (Buy on Amazon)

Gasm: Gasm is a Nootropic drink that has been carefully designed to give you a playful boost. Drinking Gasm can enhance your passion and playfulness but it is not used to boost sexual performance. One of the main ingredients is natural Caffeine which studies have shown gives you a mental boost and can help you achieve a high level of energy. Caffeine is found in many products and is known for providing a mental boost, so you stay more focused and have quicker reaction times. Caffeine can also improve physical performance such as longer endurance and reducing the onset of exhaustion. (Buy on Walmart)

Aqua: Aqua is a mix of water, magnesium and other minerals that can help you stay hydrated and reduce your alkalinity. Aqua is not manufactured as the water has already passed through the minerals naturally and has then been bottled so there are no added ingredients, everything is natural. This drink is one of the best Nootropic drinks available as Aqua helps you stay hydrated which is crucial to your wellbeing. Staying hydrated by drinking Aqua will help your body in numerous ways including improving your cardiovascular health, keeping your skin healthier and even helping your muscles and joints to work better. (Buy on Amazon)


Neurovana Nootropic Coffee Mix

Summary: Neurovana Nootropic Coffee is an honorable mention on this list of best nootropic drinks. It has a pretty dang good ingredient profile and rave reviews on Amazon, albeit there are only a total of 19 reviews. It’s a mixable coffee powder that includes powdered MCT oil and is reportedly quite creamy and enjoyable.

Ingredient Profile: This is the reason this product made it onto this list of best notoropic drinks. The ingredient profile is really, really good. Powdered coffee (caffeine), powdered MCT, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, L-Theanine, and Rhodiola. These ingredients promote energy, anxiety reduction, focus, concentration, memory, immunity, and neuroprotection. 

Personal Use: I have not personally tried Neurovana Nootropic Coffee yet. They do not provide enough information on where they source their ingredients from for this product or for their other products for me to be comofrtable with them. Additionally, their website is a basic shopify site with no information about who runs the company. Despite this, I felt like the ingredient profile and reviews were good enough that this product ought to be included here as an honorable mention. Perhaps Seva Soul Health, the company behind this product will decide to be more open about themselves in the future. If you do decide to try this product do so at your own risk but please feel free to let us know what you think!

Are Nootropic Drinks Safe?

When taking any supplement whether it is natural or man-made you do have to consider potential side effects. There is the possibility that you may have an adverse reaction and could suffer one of the following:

  • insomnia
  • high blood pressure
  • blurry vision
  • fast heart rate

If you suffer any of these symptoms or anything else not listed, then consult your doctor or a health care professional as you may have an allergy or if you are taking other medication, they may be causing an adverse reaction. These symptoms may not be caused by the Nootropic, but it is always best to be on the safe side if you experience any discomfort after drinking a Nootropic drink. Studies have shown that all the ingredients listed in the Nootropic drinks in this article have many benefits to your health and overall, they are safe to use provided you are using them in moderation.

As you have read there are some fantastic nootropic drinks on the market. The ones that have been reviewed in this article are the best Nootropic drinks currently available and they offer a range of health benefits depending on your needs. If you do use any of these drinks make sure to always check the ingredients in case of allergies and please do consult with a doctor or health care professional should you experience any ill effects. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to conduct research on the ingredients profiles and supplying companies to ensure that best practices are being followed to ensure ingredient quality and safety. It is also a good to use Nootropic drinks as a supplement and not a replacement for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, make sure to exercise, eat well and get plenty of good sleep.

In Conclusion

The best nootropics drinks can help you remain focused and even give your memory a boost. If you work, study, or compete in an occupation that is particularly taxing mentally, then any and every boost you can give your brain is going to be of great benefit to you. There is a wide range of Nootropic drink products available today that include a wide range of Nootropic ingredients with proven benefits. It is important you understand each one properly so that you can use the best Nootropic drink for you depending on your circumstances and what outcome you are trying to achieve.