The Best L-Theanine Brands for Nootropic Use

If you’re new to using nootropics we recommend you take a look at our Beginner’s Guide, it only takes 10 minutes to read and could potentially save you some headaches, literally.

In this article we’ll discuss the best L-Theanine brands for nootropic use at multiple price levels and whether or not it’s worth spending more money to get L-Theanine from a premium brand.

If you don’t already know what L-Theanine is, along with the benefits and risks of taking L-Theanine as a nootropic supplement, check out our ELI5 nootropic summary of L-Theanine here. Essentially, L-Theanine is an amino acid commonly found in green tea that has been clinically studied for its properties of increasing focus, reducing anxiety, and inducing a state of relaxation without drowsiness. [2]

L-Theanine is often stacked with caffeine to provide a state of wakefulness without anxiety. Each of the best L-Theanine brands for nootropic we recommend also offer products that have caffeine and L-Theanine combined.


Nootropics Depot: If you plan on ordering more than $50 worth of nootropics, order your L-Theanine from Nootropics Depot because you will qualify for free shipping, they have excellent prices on most nootropics, and they are a trusted supplier that third party tests their products for purity.

Pure Nootropics: With the free domestic shipping, Pure Nootropics L-Theanine is the best deal on L-Theanine for nootropic use if you are only looking to buy the one, single product, as there is no minimum threshold for their free shipping if you are ordering from the US.

Amazon: If you are an Amazon prime member and want to take advantage of free two-day shipping, we recommend ordering on Amazon from one of the two suppliers mentioned above through Amazon, or from Doctor’s Best, a reasonably priced alternative.

Sports Research: If you prefer softgels to capsules, then we recommend going with Sports Research Suntheanine. Their L-Theanine is suspended in coconut oil, while their L-Theanine + Caffeine product is suspended in MCT oil.

Best Overall Pick: Nootropics Depot L-Theanine Capsules

Nootropics Depot is the number one trusted supplier we recommend for many nootropic substances we review at Nootropics Resource. They have an excellent track record and provide top notch customer service. They do a good job of limiting their catalog selection to nootropics that are backed by scientific studies, rather than offering designer products that make bold claims, aren’t backed by science, and are potentially dangerous. Furthermore, they frequently conduct purity tests both in house and through third parties to ensure the nootropic compounds they source are both safe and pure. They accomplish all this and still manage to provide the best prices on most nootropics as well as fast shipping times.

You can order Nootropics Depot L-Theanine capsules from both their website, or from Amazon. If your order is going to be under $50, we recommend going through Amazon, where the L-Theanine is $1 more expensive, but you will receive free 2 day shipping (assuming you’re a Prime member). If your order is going to be over $50, or you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, we recommend ordering directly from Nootropics Depot where you’ll save $1 on the L-Theanine plus free shipping on orders over $50 plus a 10% discount when you sign up for their email newsletter. Currently, Nootropics Depot L-Theanine is the least expensive option per serving from the suppliers we trust and recommend, making it the clear best overall option. You can save even more money per capsule if you opt for the 180 count bottle, which will bring you closer to the $50 minimum for free shipping.

If you prefer to measure your own doses or plan to mix L-Theanine with another nootropic substance, you can also order plain L-Theanine powder that has not been put in capsules from both the Nootropics Depot website and from Amazon.

When taken as a nootropic, L-Theanine is often stacked with caffeine to provide an extra boost of focus, energy, and mental performance. Nootropics Depot also offers a sister nootropics product that has both L-Theanine and caffeine combined in their recommended dose combinations. As with their other products, you can purchase from either the Nootropics Depot website, or from Amazon.

Runner-Up: Pure Nootropics L-Theanine Capsules

Pure Nootropics is one of the best L-Theanine brands for nootropic use because they are a highly reputable and trusted nootropics supplier that often has the best prices on many nootropic products. If you live in the US you will automatically qualify for free domestic shipping which does not have a minimum order threshold and usually takes between 3 and 6 days to arrive. Pure Nootropics also offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all their products. If you aren’t happy with a nootropic product and you still have over half of the contents left, you can return it to Pure Nootropics for a full refund, minus the return shipping and handling. They also have third party purity testing certificates available on most of their product pages including tests for purity and for heavy metals. Pure Nootropics also offers substantial bulk discounts if you buy more than one quantity of an item. Once you find a nootropic you like we recommend stocking up with a several month supply from Pure Nootropics as this will save you a ton of money in the long run.

With Pure Nootropics L-Theanine Capsules you get a total of 24,000 mg of L-Theanine via a 120 count bottle of 200 mg capsules for only a few dollars more than competing products. Just like Nootropics Depot and Sports Research, Pure Nootropics also offers an L-Theanine plus Caffeine product. The L-Theanine plus Caffeine combination is popular among nootropics users due to the synergistic effects of wakefulness from the caffeine and calmness from the L-Theanine.

Best L-Theanine Brands for Nootropic Use for Amazon Buyers:

Premium Pick: Sports Research Suntheanine 200 mg Softgels

Sports Research Suntheanine is going a be a tad pricier than most other L-Theanine brands on Amazon, but a few extra bucks is worth it to be 100% sure that the product is properly sourced, handled, and stored. As mentioned above, Suntheanine is just a branded label for a proprietary manufacturing process of L-Theanine. Sports Research simply sources Suntheanine from the manufacturer and distributes it as an online retailer on Amazon. Sports Research as a company has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and additional research does not reveal that they’ve been involved in any lawsuits.

They state their products and claims are backed by science, and in the case of their L-Theanine supplement, this is the truth. Sports Research Suntheanine is the suntheanine L-Theanine ingredient mixed with cold-pressed coconut oil encapsulated in softgels. There are a few reports of these softgels melting while being shipped, in which case Sports Research has and excellent return ad refund policy.

L-Theanine is often taken with caffeine for an even more noticeable boost in focus and mental cognition, and Sports Research has a slightly more expensive sister product that includes both caffeine and L-Theanine in the same softgel tab this time with MCT oil instead of coconut oil. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that suggests caffeine provides a longer, smoother form of energy when mixed with MCT oil. If you are strictly looking for an L-Theanine only supplement that induces relaxation without drowsiness, and increases alertness and focus, while reducing anxiety, then go with the original Sports Research Suntheanine in Coconut Oil Softgels. If you want a long lasting boost of energy and focus that will get you through the entire day, go with the Sports Research L-Theanine + Caffeine in MCT Oil Softgels. Both of these come with in 60 softgels per bottle.

Fair Price Pick: Doctor’s Best L-Theanine with Suntheanine

Doctor’s Best L-Theanine with Suntheanine is one of the best L-Theanine brands for nootropic use if you are looking for a more budget friendly L-Theanine nootropic supplement at a lower dose than the standard 200 mg. With the Doctor’s Best brand you get ninety 150 mg capsules at about 2/3 of the price of Sports Research’s sixty 200 mg softgels. In other words, for 2/3 of the price you get a grand total of 13,500 mg of L-Theanine in the whole bottle compared to the 12,000 mg from Sports Research, only they are in capsules instead of softgels and they are at a slightly lower, but still effective dose. This is a great option for people who are more sensitive to L-Theanine, have a lower than average body weight and don’t need the full 200 mg dose, or want to try L-Theanine for the first time at a dose lower than 200 mg. Many studies test L-Theanine at dose strength between 100 mg and 200 mg, and 200 mg is actually considered a” double strength dose” by some brands, so 150 mg should be more than adequate for most people. Doctor’s Best is widely considered to be a reputable and reliable supplier of nootropic supplements and they have an excellent track record as an Amazon supplier.

Is it worth it to spend extra money on more expensive L-Theanine?

In general with nootropics you are better off spending a few extra bucks to ensure that you are ordering from a reliable supplier. In the case of L-Theanine you are pretty much fine ordering any L-Theanine from our trusted suppliers list, or any L-Theanine under the ingredient name Suntheanine. Suntheanine is simply a patented, branded label for a proprietary manufacturing process of L-Theanine; it all comes from the same manufacturer. Suntheanine has been studied and has been shown to induce a state of relaxation without drowsiness and increase focus, as indicated by an increase in Alpha brain waves. [1] In general, you will be fine purchasing anything with Suntheanine in it, though you still want to make sure your are ordering from a trusted supplier who handles and stores their nootropics appropriately. Of course, Suntheanine isn’t the only effective brand of L-Theanine, but it’s a reassuring factor in the odd case that you find you are ordering from someone not on our trusted suppliers list.